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What type of services can I request on Just Link?
You can request for everything from Electrician to Beauticians! We offer a wide range of trades and professional services including cleaners, plumbers, painters, accountants, wedding planners and much more!


How do I post a Job?
You just follow the simple, straightforward form found here and give us with some quick details about your job budget, location, when you need it done and a short description of the job. You can also upload photos of your job and when you’re ready, simply select to ‘Post Job’.


How will I know if businesses are quoting on the job(s) I posted?
You will receive a notification email once the 1st bid has been made. You will also be notified when 3 bids have been placed and finally, when all 5 bids are available for you to view.


What happens if I don't receive any bids on my job?
Our friendly team will review your job and will personally contact local professionals, on your behalf, to make sure that your job receives bids. We will also contact you via phone or email and work with you to optimise your job description to promote more bids from local professionals.


How do I make changes to an existing job?
You can change the key details on your job before any bid is placed. If you would like to change any further details after the 1st bid has been placed, the system will automatically terminate your old job and create a new job for you with the updated details.


How do I accept a bid?
You simply click on the ‘Accept Bid’ button.


Once I select the winning bidder, do I need to contact the other bidders to let them know?
No you don't. We will do that for you automatically!


What if I accept a bid but they don’t turn up at the agreed time or complete the job appropriately?
Rest assured, we will help you to find another business to complete your job ASAP. Accepting a bid does not mean that your job is closed. We request that you personally close the job by clicking on the ‘Close Job’ button once the job is completed. Up until then, you can still contact the other businesses that have made a bid for your job and find out if they are still available to complete it.


How many bids will I get for my request?
For every request you make, we’ll send you up to 5 competitive bids to ensure that you’re getting the best deal.


Can Just Link guarantee the service providers work?
Just Link does not provide any guarantee for the quality of work received from a business. For your piece of mind, we ask that you select a 'verified' business. We verify their Australian Business Registration and insurances to ensure that we are always connecting you with reputable businesses. We also provide you with 100% unedited customer reviews to help you choose the best business for your needs.


Can I just search for a specific business through Just Link?
To save you time, we’ve simplified the process by sending you bids from best businesses in your area when you request for a service with us. You will not be able to search for a specific business but you can view the entire profile of any service provider that sends you a bid.


Will Just Link recommend me to any specific businesses?
No we won’t. Just Link connects your requests with qualified, local businesses who are confident that they can complete your job. However, we do encourage you to select a 'verified' business. You can also view each business’s profile, rating and read through 100% unedited customer reviews.


How do I leave feedback for service providers?
Once you have hired the right business for your needs, you will then be able to provide feedback on your experience and rate their services. This a great feature as it allows you to recommend businesses that have provided you with excellent services or to caution other customers of a bad service experience.


Will you sell my contact information to any other third parties?
No. We respect your privacy and Just Link will not provide your contact information to any third party beyond providing you with the services that you have requested.



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