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What are the differences between each package?
You can check out the differences between each package on the payment plans page.


What are the perks of being a Gold, Platinum and Diamond?
Being a Gold, Platinum and Diamond member, you get the visibility of competition's bid. More credits to bid on jobs and lesser cost to purchase additional credits. For detailed comparison, visit the payment plans page.


What kind of promotions do Just Link offer?
From time to time, Just Link will offer promotions which we will advertise on our website as well as inform you through our friendly support centre.


Do I ever have to pay for leads?
No. You will never pay for a lead as a Just Link business client.


What do the leads look like?
You will receive the leads directly via phone or email The notification will have a brief summary of the job type, budget, location and a website link for you to learn more about the job details. It will also allow you to place your bid as soon as possible for the customer to review.


Can I choose between receiving the leads via SMS or Email?
You will always receive your leads via email as we believe that this is the easiest way to keep you notified. However, if you are a Just Link subscribed business and wish to receive your leads via SMS, you can choose to do so by selecting the SMS option in your account.


How do I choose between the two payments options, success fee and Bid Credits?
Once you have decided to bid on a certain lead, you will be given the option to either ‘Pay only when you Win’ or to pay with Bid Credits.


How does the success fee work?
The success fee allows you to bid on any job for FREE. You only pay the success fee if you win the job and you will only be charged a flat fee based on the job budget tier. Head to: “Link to pay only when you win page / package matrix” for more information.


When does Just Link take payment for the success fee?
When you bid for a job using the “Pay only when you win” option, you wil receive a confirmation email or SMS if you have the winning bid. Folowing this, Just Link will automatically deduct the success fee from your account.


When does Just Link take payment for Bid Credits?
When you purchase a membership package for Just Link, you will also receive free Bid Credits. You can also purchase additional Bid Credits at anytime.


Do my Bid Credits rollover?
Yes. Any unused Bid Credits at the end of the month will rollover into the following month. Additional Bid Credits will continue to rollover up to a maximum of 1 year from the initial date of purchase.


I chose to use the ‘Pay only when you Win’ option but the customer hasn’t paid me for the job I completed?
Just Link connects you with potential customers and provides you with opportunities to grow your business. Payment processing for jobs acquired through Just Link is to be handled in the same manner as jobs acquired outside of Just Link.


How does Just Link know if I won the job?
Our software will automatically notify us once a customer has selected you as the winning bid. We will also personally contact the customer to collect feedback on their experience with us and to verify which service provider they chose.


How do I bid?
You will be sent a notification via email or SMS when a new job is available. Simply follow the link on the email if you would like to bid on that job, enter the details of your bid and hit submit.


How do I purchase additional Bid Credits?
You can do this at anytime via your Business Dashboard.


How long are my Bid Credits valid for?
Bid Credits are valid for 365 days after you have purchased/acquired them.


How do I get reviews from customers?
Customers get the opportunity to review your business and services once you have completed their job. Just Link then reviews their feedback before posting it to your profile.


How do I know if the job is still ’live’?
Simply click on a job as it appears in your dashboard to view all relevant details, including a job’s status.


How do I get in contact with a customer?
You will be provided with all their contact details so simply call, email and/or send them an SMS to discuss their job requirements further. Alternatively, you can simply send them a bid for their job based purely on the job details & description that you’ve received.


What must I do if I win a job with my bid and then cannot honour my bid?
You will need to let both the customer and Just Link know that you can no longer provide services as per your bid. You will still be charged the Bid Credit or success fee amount as the Just Link support team will then need to ensure that the customer finds another suitable service provider.


What if the job is not as described, do I still have to honour my bid?
If the job is not as described, please let us know ASAP so that we can investigate the matter. You will still be able to communicate with the customer and discuss any change of scope. For further assistance, please contact our friendly customer support team at customer support team at 07 3303 0101 or who are there to assist you with any queries that you may have.


Who do I contact if I can’t find the answers to my questions above?
You can contact our support team at or just give us a call on "07 3303 0101"


Why should I use Just Link?
We have built Just Link to help you attract new customers and expand your business. Registration is completely free and we will also send you FREE leads for life! We want to help you close new qualified leads, not waste your time chasing them.


How do I create a business profile?
All you have to do is to register on and the information you provide will automatically be compiled into your very own business profile. You can add more details at any time to ensure that you’re representing your strengths, specialisations and capabilities in the best possible light to potential customers. Your profile will be scored based on the information you provide. The higher your profile score, the more chances you have of winning the jobs you want.


Can I offer more than one service?
Yes you can. Simply add multiple service categories to your business’s profile. This means that you can include all the services that your business has to offer!


Can I update my business profile?
Yes you can. Your business profile can be updated at any time by simply logging into your Just Link account. We highly recommend that you keep your profile up to date to further increase your chances of getting new customers. This can include adding a detailed business bio, showcasing your portfolio or expanding your service categories.


Payment Methods
Just Link accepts payment through Visa or Mastercard, both in the form of credit & debit cards.



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