So how does it work?


Tell us what you do

Sign up for a free 30 day trial and tell
us about your business and the
services you have to offer

We’ll send you leads

When a customer in your area
requests for your services, we'll send
you their details via email or sms

You bid on your favourites

You bid on your favourite jobs and
build on your new connection


Is it really that easy?

You bet it is.

Just Link helps you link up with new customers and grow your business and
we've made the process very simple. Customers tell us their needs, we send this
information to you for free and you decide if you want to link up with them.


Spend time closing leads, not chasing them


So what do I do?


Sign up for a free account

  • Register your business with Just Link & claim your free business listing
  • Tell us about your business and the services you have to offer



We’ll send you leads

  • Customers in your area come to Just Link and request for services in your field of expertise
  • We collect details from them and send this information to you for free via e-mail & or text


Just link with your favourites

  • You review their request and if you are interested, you can make a bid for it
  • Your bid includes a price estimate, a personal message and a link to your Just Link business profile which includes your past work, contact information & reviews


Make them your customer

  • Your potential customers compare the bids they receive (Maximum of 5) and choose their favourite
  • You link up with your new connection over Just Link, phone or in person to officially convert them into a customer




New business leads sent straight to your inbox