7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Handyman – Even If You Could Probably Do It Yourself

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Usually, people hire a handyman when they need to finish tasks around the house that
might be a little “too much to handle”. Maybe you want to replace a few cupboards or you
want to build a small gazebo or you need a new dryer to be installed. Or, well, maybe you
want to hang up a portrait? Yeap. A portrait. A job doesn’t have to be large to make it
worth hiring a handyman. For most of us, we might not know how to do something or
simply don’t want to do it ourselves and that’s perfectly fine! Here are seven things that
many of us could probably do ourselves, but would gladly hire a handyman to complete
for us. Without ever feeling the slightest hint of guilt.


Hanging Up Photography
Hanging up a portrait of your favourite photography seems like an easy job, but it can get
complicated in a hurry. Firstly, it needs to be hung at a certain height to meet the average
human eye-height. Secondly, if the frame is heavy (like a large antique frame), it might
need some extra support to keep it there and who has time to set them up perfectly?
Lastly, a handyman will ensure that it will be level and that is something that he could
definitely figure out, better than us. The last thing you want is for your favourite artwork to
come crashing to the floor, 6 months later because it wasn’t hung up the right way.

Paint Touch-Ups
Whether the kids have unleashed their inner artist on the bedroom walls, scuff marks
from moving furniture or those magical marks that actually, you have no idea where they
came from, a bad touch-up job might just make the problem even worse. Sure, you could
Google how to fix it up (clean, prime etc.) and spend a few hours on a Saturday afternoon
but why waste your precious free time? Just a quick post on Just Link and we’ll have a
handyman ready to make it perfect for you while you sit back and relax with your loved

Installing Light Fixtures
Giving your home a makeover with some lovely light fixtures is a sure fire way of adding
that stylish, personal touch. By “sure”, we mean “Hire a handyman on Just Link and be sure
that he’ll install them perfectly without you risking electrocution while tiptoeing on the
table in your dining room while balancing your new chandelier with one hand”.

Installing New Bathroom Hardware
Just like with light fixtures, new hardware for your sink or shower is a great way to get a
new look without spending much time or money. It’s even less work with a skilled
handyman to complete the job for you. Just remember that while most handymen can
manage small plumbing jobs, any work that requires major plumbing work will need to be
left to a plumber. Rest assured, Just Link is here to help you find a plumber for your needs

Cleaning Out Your Gutters
It is crucial to maintain clean gutters as they direct the flow of rainfall, protect your roof
and your landscaping. The thing is, you could always get the ladder out, whip on a pair of
gloves, climb up onto the roof and scoop up all of the debris and gunk. Of course you
could. But is that really what you want to be doing with your free time? Of course not.
That’s not a problem anymore because you now know where to find some help.

Assembling Furniture
Anyone who has ever attempted to assemble new furniture is certainly familiar with the
process of going from calm and excited to extremely frustrated in 20 minutes or less. Why
deal with that stress and worry when you could have someone else deal with the
instructions from a foreign language? Even better, you can now sit back, put your feet up
and relax knowing that your new kitchen table will definitely not collapse during your next
house party.