How to Hire A Landscaper

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Before ever stepping foot into your home, your front garden is the first thing people see.
Especially when preparing to sell your home, don’t forget to get the garden cleaned up.
Make sure that it’s clean, appealing and well looked after to give your buyer that little
extra motivation.
Hire a professional landscaper to trim the shrubs, trees and fix up your fencing. A
professional will know how to complete the look of your garden and the little things that
make a landscaping project look completed and unique is worth every dollar.
Could you do it yourself? A lot of the time, the answer is yes.

But these professionals have the time, equipment, materials and experience to complete the job fast. Many
landscapers also provide you with a warranty so before you get the clippers out of the
garden shed, ask yourself – Is this something I want to do? Do you want to spend your
Saturday afternoon climbing trees, cutting dead branches and avoiding bee stings or
would you rather sit back, relax and let a professional handle it?

If you do decide to give it a shot and get stuck on the job then don’t worry. A landscaping
crew is able to help you turn your unfinished garden into a beautiful piece of art.


Tips For Hiring A Landscaper
First, choose someone you click with. Don’t just go with a landscaper because you received
the cheapest bid. Choose someone who you can communicate easily with to ensure that
your landscaping goals are communicated and executed perfectly.
A few questions to ask a potential Landscaper are:
How long have they been Landscaping for?
Where do they get their materials from?
What’s the breakdown of their bid?
Have they got any images from previous commercial landscaping jobs they completed?
As always, check out the feedback they’ve received on Just Link and go through photos of
their previous work before you come to a decision. Especially if they have any before and
after photos which allow you to see exactly how they turned someone else’s garden into a
work of art.
So tell us about your landscaping needs and we’ll have a professional, ready for you.