8 Reasons why you Need a Wedding Videographer

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We know that weddings are expensive. But that is exactly why you should not have to miss
a minute of it. You’ve spent months organising this amazing celebration and the odds are
that you’ll fly through it charmed by a love spell. Whether you want a highlights reel, a
documentary styled video or some romantic cinematography, a professional videographer
can help you create a timeless memento that will allow you relive the magic of your
special day, time and time again.
Look As Amazing As You Are
Professionally edited videos look amazing. Instead of a few hours of bad footage taken
from a guest’s smart phone, you’ll have a stunning wedding video that plays like a scene
from a movie. Even better reason to show off that amazing outfit you wore to the

photography service
Watch Your Father Walk You Down The Aisle Again
This is a moment you will always cherish. It’s perfectly fine to watch it again and again,
maybe even shedding a few tears on the way. Beyond that, let’s be truthful here. Apart
from the beautiful sentiment of it, watching your dress walk down the aisle again makes
the video worth its weight in gold. Standard photography just doesn’t bring out the beauty
of that gown.
Highlight Reel For Your Loved Ones
Interview your favourite uncle you rarely see, capture lovely messages from your family
and have it all edited into a masterpiece of a highlight reel. Relive the day’s best moments
from the sentimental (Walking down the aisle, the first kiss) to the downright

Get A Return On Your Wedding Investment
Weddings are expensive and a videographer is yet another expense. But unlike the
bouquet, this one will last for many years to come. Enjoy the months of hard work and
planning you put into your special day with a wedding gift for yourself that tells a story
much greater than any photograph could.
See Everything You Couldn’t On The Day
While you’re getting ready, balloons are going up, guests are flocking in, smiles are lighting
up the room while you miss out on all of it! A wedding photographer or videographer captures all of the
magic for you to relive the parts of your day that you missed while busy getting married to
the love of your life.
Marry Your Sweetheart Over And Over Again
See the apple of your eye say their vows to you whenever you need a little reminder of
why you got married to them. It might just make you fall in love with them, over and over

Capture Magical Moments On Film Forever
Your darling little niece will always be the 4 year old flower girl in your wedding video.
Your grandfather will always be there smiling to you and you will always be able to listen
to your mother’s sweet wishes. Loved ones that live far or have passed on are now only a
moment away.
Showcase Your Love To The World
Social media clips are amazing. A short, cinematographic, professionally edited video will
light up the faces of hundreds of friends on your social media feeds. Showcase your love
to your family, co workers, friends and even you’re exes that are still friends on Facebook.
Don’t feel bad, it’s not your fault that you look amazing.