Just Link Launches Operations with Revolutionary On- Demand Service for Australian Homes

Just Link, an on-demand online home services platform, has launched its
full scale operations to help Australian households quickly find a local professional
whenever required, and at prices that are easy on the pocket. Using a bidding and success
fee based model, Just Link’s online network aims to save the precious hours people spend
on searching, hiring and getting a quality job done.
In the fast growing space of hiring a handyman or repair professionals, Just Link stands
out with its unique market offering. All customer requests are automatically sent to
registered local businesses and services, with support from a dedicated team. Service
providers receive a steady stream of free leads with the freedom to select the jobs they
are interested in, thus giving them a flexible business model. The competitive bidding
system also ensures that every job is accomplished at the best possible pricing for
Just Link is also a path breaking attempt to change the way on-demand services usually
work. A business owner or service provider needs to pay only after winning a job rather
than for merely obtaining leads. This Success Fee or ‘pay when you win the job’ model is
thus uniquely suited for local service providers.
Using their technology to ‘find any service, fix any problem’, Just Link was born out of the
realization that people were losing valuable time as well as paying over the top while
searching and finding professionals for simple household tasks such as plumbing,
carpentry, interior work or pest control. The situation could be reversed and thus a
disruptive start-up was the need of the hour to free more time from today’s busy
“We aim to revolutionise the way that local professionals are hired. No matter what the job, Just
Link is here to find you the right expert to solve any problem. As a dynamic group of people
enthusiasts, we are committed and determined to save our customers’ time and money,” said
Sheheryar Khakwani, Founder, Just Link.
Digital disruptions have shown that there is always a smarter way of doing things. Finding
a local plumber, electrician or interior designer is no exception either. Whether it is
household repair, fixing everyday problems or renovation, searching for professional help
the old fashioned way comes with several hassles. This includes finding the right
professional on time and in one’s budget or failure to receive prompt attention and
service. Just Link’s goal is to employ online technologies to bring back freedom and return
quality time where it is needed the most.
About Just Link
Just Link is dedicated to revolutionising the way that people hire local professionals. Just
tell us what you need, and we’ll find the best local professionals to get the job done. Using
our competitive bidding system lets us take your worries away by helping you find the
right professional at the best price.
For more information, please visit: www.justlink.com.au