On-Demand Economy

Just Link Joins the On-Demand Economy for Home Services in Australia
The new service offers competitive bidding and a pay upon succession model to help home
owners find the right professional to fix any problem or finish household projects.

The Uber effect is beginning to unfold at a faster pace than ever. The
latest to hit the highway are local services for house repair and household tasks. The ones
that usually involve searching, calling up and waiting for the local serviceman to turn up
on time. Just Link, the recently launched on-demand online service in Australia, is paving
the way for technology to come to the aid of housewives, single parents, or individuals for
whom lost time is either lost money or those precious moments of time that should be
spent with family and friends instead.
Just Link is part of what is called the ‘on-demand economy’, which stands for using web
and smart phone technologies to fulfill consumer needs. According to some estimates, the
total market size for on-demand services stood at $465 billion in 2015. Like transport or
grocery stores, home services too can benefit from the new advances in aggregating
service providers and putting them on the same platform as the people who need them.
What makes it click is when it’s fast, convenient and easy on the pocket and Just Link has
just done it.
Just Link works with a simple motto – find any service, fix any problem. By doing so, it
wants to give back to people both time and money that can be freed by using the
convenience of smart phones and Web 2.0. To make the deal unbeatable, it uses
competitive bidding to ensure fair pricing, and a flexible business model that allows
service providers to choose the work that they wish to take up. The web interface is fresh,
intuitive and makes it a breeze to post a free service request and receive a range of bids.
“We’re dedicated to revolutionizing the way that local professionals get hired. Our competitive
bidding system ensures that every customer is able to find the right professional at the best
price” said Sheheryar Khakwani, Founder, Just Link.
The biggest challenge that on-demand services face is of fulfilling customer expectations
for convenience, speed and quality at a reasonable price. These are the demands that
have made the new economy popular. Just Link is thus people-centric when it comes to
dealing with customers, employees or its local businesses and professionals. Putting
people first is the biggest trust generating factor, and Just Link is building it up with a
dedicated customer support team and a business model that is geared towards fixing or
finishing any project with professionals ready at hand.

For more information, please visit: www.justlink.com.au